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While Non Stop Bargains tries hard to provide an appealing and high quality selection of Graduation gifts suppliers on the net, we can't cater for all tastes! If you still can't find exactly what you're looking for, have a browse through some of these specialist gifts store sites. We've handpicked this selection of links to help you with your search. Please note that we make no endorsement or warranties regarding third party sites.

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Grad Gifts by Rexanne.com
Wondering what the perfect graduation present for that special child or almost-adult is? There are many ideas and choices. Depending on what your Grad likes, wants, needs or does, you will surely find the perfect choice on this page. Grouped by category and age, these are my top picks for graduation gifts through the years.


Graduation, an up lifting occasions where the gift giver and the gifts receiver both enjoy celebrating an exciting future. The Graduate's hard work should be festively rewarded with admiration and encouragement.
Give gifts that are useful, and/or inspire a happy future.

Ask yourself a few questions when you are selecting a gift.

- Can you give something that will be useful in their new career or school?
- Would I prefer giving them something they can use now or in the future?
- What type of lifestyle and goals does the graduate hope to accomplish?
- Do I want to give them something to preserve the memory of the day?

High School Graduation Gift Ideas
Small stock account
Give a Graduation Party
Piece of art related to their interests
Monetary gift toward education
Trip to Europe
Summer specialty course like film making, gourmet cooking
Framed picture of graduate and you together.
Inspirational biographical book
A watch (in America,Canada)
Organizers and Planners
Pure Gold or Silver Coin from graduation year
Personalized Desk Accessories
Handcrafted Trunk to store favorite mementos
Especially for the College bound
Useful appliances for the dorm
Answering machine
Small refrigerator
Alarm Clock
Small Bookshelf
Contemporary reading light
Small TV
Contemporary desk supplies
Internet account
Zip drive and disks
Recording device for lectures
Electronic Note Takers
Courier bag
Tool Box
Phone Card
Gift Certificate to Music Store
Rare or limited edition book related to their interests.

Emergency college gift basket - make your own bright gift basket filled with small handy items such as Band-Aids, staplers, rulers, pencil sharpener, stamp holder, toothbrush, candy bars, "Think bars", one cup coffee maker with coffee, tea, cup of soups, removable wall hangers, college survival guide, phone card, Big eraser, mad money, maybe a round trip ticket to visit home, note card set, stamps, candles, incense, rubber flip flops, soap, towelettes, plastic of glasses.
On a smaller scale you can take one of the hip retro metal lunch boxes and fill with yummy junk survival foods and a little college survival guide and phone card.

College and Specialty School

Graduation Gift Ideas
Brief Case
Fine Writing Pen
Card Case
Desk Stereo
Palm Pilot
Piece of art related to their career
Fax machine
Leather Writing Portfolio with initials
New business suit
Gift certificate to a fine shoe store
Trip to an exotic location
Art and accessories for a new apartment.
Fine Watch
Fine Jewelry
Family Heirloom
Pure Gold or Silver Coin from graduation year
Bottle of Champagne or Fine Wine
Top of the Line Supplies for their new career.


Young School Age Graduation
Age 5-6: Starting as early as kindergarten some schools celebrate with caps and gowns and semi formal walks on stage for these wee graduates to collect their diplomas. Hot photo opportunity for moms and dads. If you would like to give a gift you might consider an playful educational toy or an outing for ice cream. If the child is enjoying this pomp and ceremony you might consider taking them to dinner/brunch at a nice family restaurant in their honor with a celebration cake for dessert.


Middle School Graduation
Give a gift that is enjoyable to the student. This is a time when you want to encourage that school can be enjoyable and they deserve a reward. Since this can be an awkward time for young teens, try not to be over ostentatious but mostly privately show your appreciation.

The young graduate will appreciate a gift that they can use immediately and reflects there young adult status. Give two gifts, a spoiling one to be used immediately and an addition gift that might gently encourage and explore their personal academic interest. Ex: a gift certificate to a game store and a biographical book.
Gifts that let them make there own selections are a good method of expressing your respect for their individualism.

Stereo and a history of contemporary music CD
Gift Certificate to a clothing, book or music store.
Summer Specialty Camp
Flying or scuba lessons
Stock Account (possibly with online trading).
Short trip of their choice (take along a friend of theirs if possible)
A special outing to a game, play or movie of their choice.
New computer with a collection of hip games and educational software.
New state of the art bike of their choice.
New bedroom decor of their choice.

Gift wrap - Any color works fine. Gift wraps designs of antique book covers and fine pens are often used as Choice Graduation Gift wraps. Be creative and enjoy the graduation theme. Add a festive graduation card and a tassel and you will have an appropriate gift for any type of graduation event, formal or casual. If you find a wrap or package decoration that matches there field of study, perfect! A Miniature chalk board with sealed chalk message makes a fun gift card substitution

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