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Funny poetry for children
Includes funny poetry, contests, lessons, and poems about school.

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Poetry 180
Home PageHome page of the Library of Congress Poetry 180 Project.


We have created a system for our poets to receive critiques, and fan-mail from their peers and admirers, plus offers from global publishers. Beneath every poem is a link, "Send A Private Message To The Poet" with which any reach the author's private on-site inbox (easily accessed via our Member Area). Poetybox.com is committed to providing maximum exposure for our poets, while always protecting their (your) privacy!
Poems for You
People have been composing poems since they learned to talk. Love poems are the most famous, from Shakespeare's sonnets to the Backstreet Boys' latest hit. Today, in West Africa, people train from birth to sing songs in praise of their historical heroes and their current leaders. From Jewel to Allen Ginsberg to the timeless poetry of Emily Dickinson, poetry is still alive and expressing our feelings about the events that move us.

Enegry Books
Well experienced in traditional and alternative medicine, Dr. Jill Henry describes how energy manipulation is a an excellent tool for self-healing and transformation. Order the book online.

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