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The European City of Culture

The European City of Culture is promoted by the Ministers of Culture of the European Union to open up to the European public particular aspects of the city, region and country concerned, as well as to emphasise wider European cultural affinities.

List of European Cities of Culture -- 1985 to 2004

1985: Athens -- Greece
1986: Florence -- Italy
1987: Amsterdam -- Holland
1988: Berlin -- Germany
1989: Paris -- France
1990: Glasgow -- Scotland
1991: Dublin -- Ireland
1992: Madrid -- Spain
1993: Antwerp -- Belgium
1994: Lisbon -- Portugal
1995: Luxembourg-Ville -- Luxembourg
1996: Copenhagen -- Denmark
1997: Thessaloniki -- Greece
1998: Stockholm -- Sweden
1999: Weimar -- Germany

2000: 9 Cities were chosen:
Avignon (France)
Bergen (Norway)
Bologna (Italy)
Brussels (Belgium)
Helsinki (Finland)
Krakow (Poland)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Reykjavik (Iceland)
Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

Porto (Portugal)
Rotterdam (Holland)

Bruges (Belgium)
Salamanca (Spain)

Graz (Austria)

Visit: Graz 2003

2004: The Northern Cities of France and Italy.
Genova (Italy) and Lille (France)

Visit: Genova 2004 and Lille 2004

About The European City of Culture

Each city is free to determine its own emphases and to organise programs and projects within a time scale and budget which each city must determine. The impact and importance of the European City of Culture concept has grown consistently and cities have been using the designation in relation to other cultural and economic objectives.

To celebrate the turn of the century, the EU designated nine cities of culture for the year 2000. They each presented a rich cultural program related to the needs and tastes of the local and international community. Moreover, they collaborated on various levels and worked closely on a number of joint projects.

This cultural co-operation between European cities was unique and created an unprecedented synergy between three cities in the north, three in the centre and three in the south of Europe.


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